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video-maro-2 and a country ......

I wonder if there is a minister in Italy- the Foreign Ministry? there is a Chief of Staff? there is a minister of defense? and in the end there is a Presideza of the Republic? in this case I think not, in fact I think that my country or rather my country, which I have served for years in arms, is now a country that is worth a woodpecker, ruled by opportunism ecomico pseudo-politicians-so! what to think, what to say, what about these two sons of Italy except that certain very high obviously not if neimportano their lot as it is only a nuisance ??? after all you have to protect the Italian industrial and their business in India is not it! and after all who they are or what they are these two soldiers ??? Shame ......

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Africa-forgotten continent ... ???

Every nation has a tendency to grow from small to aggregate a larger aggregate. This evolutionary process in Africa sees historically this principle with the departure from the family clan to tribe and then trsformarsi in realm and nation
--Every Nation Has a tendency to grow from small territory ..........

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الغباء الفيديو البشري -stupidità human

Oil for some countries is as for mice cheese ... .. ???
النفط بالنسبة لبعض البلدان هو كما لالجبن الفئران ... .. ???

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Tribunal spécial des Nations Treaty Series.

Tribunal spécial des Nations unies pour la Syrie-affirme que la République arabe syrienne et le président Bachar el-Assad sont des innocents on crimes dont les accusations,

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Ikea-a non-profit organization for tax reasons.

You thought that was a Swedish company Ikea? Error, it is actually a non-profit Dutch. The "discovery" (not really new, but still picked up by newspapers around the world) has made Al Jazeera, but it is a title of respect: the low cost furniture giant has taken to fulfill this role, or at least around, the taxman.

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people enslaved

The NGOs that wrote the report aims to "put an end to modern slavery" by mobilizing a "network of activists, encouraging sociological research and working with governments in the region to fight those who take advantage of this situation." According to the report, which is based on data collected from the same Walk Free Foundation would be 356 700 people in the Balkans are living in conditions that can be considered slavery. Globally, the total number reaches 35.8 million.

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A missile de croisière Iranian-Russian contre les sanctions US-video-

The bluff médiatique israélien sur le nucléaire iranien

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China is not the only one trying to create an alternative to the TPP

President Obama used His recent trip to Asia to push through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement That total includes twelve nations, but excludes China

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سنوات و 40 دولة

ما يقلق في مدلولات الرقم أربعين بعضها: من هذا البعض أن ذيل الكلب لم يعتدل رغم وضعه بالقالب أربعين يوما وهذا حال سياسات الغرب العوجاء وغير الهوجاء تجاهنا, وهم يسعون بفوضاهم الخلاقة لولادة الشرق الأوسط الجديد, فهل ننتظر أربعين نفاسه لنفهم انحيازهم, ومنها أن أردوغان الذي يدعم التكفيريين يطمح لاسترداد سلطنة أجداده العثمانيين الذين حكمونا بظلاميتهم وبظلمهم وتحت اسم الدين أربعين عقدا

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Message to the World of a powerful

While the first game of international politics was practiced in this way (supports Putin):
The politicians made public statements in the context of preserving the pleasant fiction of national sovereignty, and this was just a show for the people and subjects had nothing to do with the true nature of international politics. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the various World leaders were engaged in secret negotiations in the corridors of power where forged agreements real.