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ISIS Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds

An analyst says the terrorist group Takfiri ISIL Has used US-made chemical weapons in a series of chemical attacks across Syria. Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, said in an interview with Press TV That the chemical weapons being used by the ISIL "are made in the US-owned labs outside-These chemical and biological weapons are then shipped and moved by the CIA Their -run networks through regional allied countries into Syria, Duff said. He strongly Criticized the Western government for Their "desperate silence" over the issue, saying they have "done nothing" to stop These shipments.

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The Arabie Saoudite - une wars économique

The Arabie saoudite to déclenché une contre certains Producers' wars économique de pétrole. Derrière cette stratégie if the cache veritable objectif de la maison des Saoud. Mais est-ce que conceals goes fonctionner?

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Ebola-a punishment or a trial?

Why a military coalition against the Ebola virus? A doubt arises because the United States in the head then I intend to send the English and the French Army to fight the spread of evil instead of doctors nurses of chemical or bacteriological, it would be more logical, but the soldiers ??? (Hopefully they are at least vacinati as if this were not so it would be absurd to send their armies to become infected and die).

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Alliance Beijing-Berlin-Moscou: la Chine et la Russie peuvent extirper Washington-elle de l'Eurasie?

Cette possibilité east abordée au plus haut niveau à sérieusement Pékin et Moscou, et avec considérée intérêt à Berlin, New Delhi et Téhéran. Needless Toutefois d'en parler dans les officines Washington ou au quartier général de l'Otan à Brussels, during which the n'en on a que pour l'étoile de l'heure et de demain, le nouveau Osama bin Laden qu ' east devenu the caliph Ibrahim, alias Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Prophet insaisissable coupeur de têtes d'un nouveau mouvement et mini-État aux acronymes divers (EIIL, EIIS, EI, Isis, Daesh) utilisés par les hystériques Washington et d'ailleurs.
Washington beau remixer know Guerre mondiale contre le terrorisme tant qu'il him plaira, the n'en demeure pas moins que les plaques tectoniques eurasiatiques continuent de bouger ...... ..

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[October 8, 2014 | No Comment | 76 views]
EU 'utter folly. "

European sanctions Have Been met with counter-sanctions from Russia, Which in turn have banned a wide range of agricultural produce. Already, Brussels is having to find Hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of compensation for fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy farmers who Have Been locked out of Russia's import market, valued at nearly $ 16 billion

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Political satire-Freedom of the Press-video

This political satire of the highest quality, thoroughly entertaining and hard hitting at the same time! Kudos to the team responsible for this. VIDEO

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wars-terrorisme-même une folie-

Wars-terrorisme-même une folie
Daech ou EI, ISIS ou comme on veut, c'est d'abord the résultat de la deuxième wars in Iraq et de la dissolution de l'armée de Saddam américain par le proconsul Bremer. Une opération accessoirement Lancee elle aussi sans the aval de l'ONU; elle aussi avec une coalition de bouffons et de petits pays à clients here on a tordu les bras.
Daech ou EI, ISIS ou comme on veut, c'est ensuite the financement et l'armement durant trois ans de groupuscules terroristes en Syrie sous couvert pseudo de révolution. Et sous hides ...

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Some countries reject the hegemony of the USA

"The Secretary of State John Kerry told the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the refusal of India to sign the comprehensive trade agreement sends the wrong signal, and urged New Delhi to work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Failure to sign the agreement to facilitate trade sends a confusing signal and undermines the very image that Modi tried to send the Premier of India "

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Putin Napoleon a commercial ???

TThe international situation as far as we know sees Russia to strengthen its economic and political alliances to the detriment of Europe more and more confused and weak in its relationship with the United States, and the States themselves become more vulnerable in the advanced commercial strateggica Putin and ... BRICS countries.

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[September 1, 2014 | No Comment | 322 views]
US-EU-Russia and China ...

Europe made or better in line with the United States to the question "officially Ukraine" but ...... !? puts an embargo on exports to Russia this is similar embargo imposed in retaliation for its products allaUE and the USA, so first and foremost the most important issue for the EU will be the gas that Russia will give the EU rather than to China (which winter we reserve this embargo will be discovered apart from the significant losses already suffered by Italian exports)