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Judicial errors

Precautionary arrests followed by full acquittals, convictions and mistaken identity, malfunction of the bureaucracy. The cases of miscarriages of justice have been numerous and unfortunately often have in common the rage of the accuser, and despite glaring evidence of innocence, involving citizens (people) well-known people and not that judges "distracted" create a heavy toll, leaving open a reflection on our justice system.

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Just to groped to understand but ... ..

Al-Jazeera pays more attention to North African countries. An Israeli TV had identified, before their arrest, the perpetrators of the massacre of Charlie Hebdo which Franco-Algerian (?). View from Beijing, Europe is a peninsula of the Asian continent. Alstom has lost all ability to participate in the construction of the TGV linking Brest to Shanghai in 48 hours, since France can not honor their contracts. Finally, not only the Ukrainian crisis has distracted Russia from Syria, staying true to its commitments, but on the contrary will help to strengthen the government in Damascus.

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Italie dans l'oeil du cyclone ...

Crise de cette not reformable, crise systémique, on ne pourra sortir que dans deux directions: the militarization du territoire anglais, the fascisme et la guerre civil ou une démocratie reconstruite d'en bas, socialist et Internationaliste: east beyond the âme, souterraine et deep prête à Resurgir, de la meilleure Italie, plus ou moins reemerge here spontanément dans de nombreuses expériences de base, locales et fragmentaires, mais importantes, of social opposition à un pouvoir criminel.

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A tetra flag ...

It is essential that the West does not provide more support to jihadists and break its ties with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Arab world today is tangled in a rather confusing quagmire into which it is not easy to disentangle: in addition to the traditional division between Sunnis and Shiites, there are also those between secular forces and fundamentalist forces and those between states were allies and enemies of the US. The situation is made more problematic by recurrent clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants of Hamas and the bloody civil war that is raging in Libya. Some people taking up the thesis of Samuel Huntington once again speaking of the "clash of civilizations" between the Christian and Muslim, as Domenico Quirico, who in a recent interview said that "Islam is a religion encompassing and warrior born with wars of Muhammad and in combating and converting one of the fundamental principles of its existence "(cfr. Grotti Leone, Quirico: (The West does not want to see that we have declared war, moderate Islam does not exist) .. ...

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CELAC-Community of Latin American and Caribbean-China Será el salvavidas de rusia

CELAC is the temporary name of a regional bloc of nations in Latin America and the Caribbean created February 23, 2010 at the "Summit on the unit of Latin America and the Caribbean" held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
These are all sovereign countries in the Americas, with the exception of Canada and the United States. as well as the European countries with territories of the American continent (France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) are not represented in the CELAC.

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the New Year's Eve-historical truth ...

Pope Sylvester around there are several legends, but what that report is in contrast to the historical events. These legends were passed down through the Blessed Life Sylvestri, appeared later in the Eastern Churches and translated into greek, Syriac, and Latin through Constitutum Sylvestri (an apocryphal account of an alleged Roman synod, entered in simachiane forgeries and appeared between 501 and the 508).
The stories reported in these writings, respect, conversion and baptism of Constantine, the emperor's donation to the pope, the rights guaranteed, and the council of 275 bishops in Rome, are entirely legendary.

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US-a story seen through different eyes

CIA to have been within at?
CIA to protect ITS power wants to rule the world?
CIA is the friend of international terrorism in some cases-yes it is?
CIA financier of illegal movements and responsible for violent acts?
CIA to protect ITS power wants to rule the world in the name of the united states?

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Africa-forgotten continent ... ???

Every nation has a tendency to grow from small to aggregate a larger aggregate. This evolutionary process in Africa sees historically this principle with the departure from the family clan to tribe and then trsformarsi in realm and nation
--Every Nation Has a tendency to grow from small territory ..........

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الغباء الفيديو البشري -stupidità human

Oil for some countries is as for mice cheese ... .. ???
النفط بالنسبة لبعض البلدان هو كما لالجبن الفئران ... .. ???

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Tribunal spécial des Nations Treaty Series.

Tribunal spécial des Nations unies pour la Syrie-affirme que la République arabe syrienne et le président Bachar el-Assad sont des innocents on crimes dont les accusations,