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Teotihuacán, the city where the gods were born ...

Teotihuacan is located on a large plateau, at an altitude of about 2300 meters, the city, which covers an area of ​​about twenty square kilometers, however, was built in a strategic location at the meeting point of major roads and in the place where the Valley of Mexico connects to the Gulf of Mexico.
This location fostered a thriving cultural and commercial exchange with the neighboring population and granted, for centuries, the development of the city which became populous and prosperous. Interestingly, in the city are completely absent fortifications or buildings in military use for which it is natural to think that his influence was mainly exerted by means of trade and religion rather than of military conquests.
Although this lack of fortifications does not demonstrate a lack of bellicosity of its inhabitants.

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Understanding the Sunnism and Shiism-the cause of a diatribe secular army.

On the death of Muhammad in 632, the question of his succession was the origin of the largest division within Islam. The disciples of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet also indicated by the term Shiites, believed that the only ones entitled to exercise power were the Ahl al-Bayt, the "People's House" (the family of the Prophet), and that So Ali, their guide, on the basis of information provided by the Prophet, was the only legitimate successor. They argued that the role of Imam (religious leader) and Caliph (political authority) should be aggregated into a single person, but had to acknowledge as the first Caliph Abu Bakr, who was elected from the community (Umma).
The dispute seemed to compose himself with access to the Caliphate of 'Ali after the violent death of the 3rd Caliph'Uthmān ibn'Affān. (He was, therefore, the fourth Caliph for the Sunnis and the first Imam of the Shiites). But his power was challenged by Muawiyah I, the Umayyad governor of Syria, who rebelled openly

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the invasion of Libya-the cause.

Analistas internacionales aseguran que el verdadero objetivo de Operación en Libya "was no establecer until tomar la democracia posesión de sus reservas de petróleo, y privatizar the industry Petrolera of país, transfiriendo propiedad y el control de su riqueza Petrolera to manos extranjeras". El 80 por ciento de las reservas de petróleo de Libya if encuentran en la cuenca Gulf Oriental de Sirte, whence fuerzas extranjeras the proporcionaban secreted apoyo a los rebeldes.

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As Mercosur and the Eurasian Union defy the US

In recent years, the strategic relationship between the Eurasian Union and Mercosur is the biggest bet of Russia in the South American region on regional integration: both blocks have an area of ​​33 million square kilometers, a population of 450 million people and a combined GDP of over $ 8.5 billion (11.6% of global GDP in nominal terms). The report has two major strategic objectives. First, reduce the presence of United States and European Union on extra-regional flows of trade and investment. Second, accelerate the process of de-dollarization globally through the use of national currencies as payment.

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Le sacrifice Nemtsov et de la prize de contrôle de par les USA The EU (TTIP1) et du Japon (ttp2)

Tout ce qu'une ménagère du Texas connait de la Russie se trouve dans une seule ainsi Reuni image. S'appuyant paquet vidéo sur ce bien-photo ficelé 'Vue du Kremlin avec meurtre of a opposant à Poutine "les Américains vont pouvoir forcer à rentrer dans les Allemands le rang et les Français here, après les accords de Minsk, s' étaient un peu trop relâchés if mettant même en tête de restaurer les relations de l'Europe avec la Russie. Pas question, chers démocrates! Nous n'en Voulons pas. Les Allemands, les Français et les autres Européens vont être du coup, obligés de renforcer de manière Drastique les sanctions contre la Russie, c'est-à-dire de if poignarder eux-mêmes dans le dos.

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Aleppo, a pastor tells ... -Video interview with Assad-and more ...

With its mosaic of cultures and religions, Aleppo has always been a city model of coexistence between Christians and Muslims "tells Father Rodrigo, and" the war came suddenly, against people who would never expect such a reaction of facing an artificial conflict ". Intrigues us this last statement. "The Syrian people," says the priest, "has never asked for a change, neither political nor cultural. Never. People were good as he was. " "This is not to canonize Assad," he continues, "but I want to say that the conflict was the result of an extremely fast and violent. Among the fighters of the army free, in fact, only 2% are Syrian. The majority are foreigners, of 83 different nationalities. "

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Claim by a President ...

Omar al-Bashir said that the CIA and Mossad of Israel ....
I said the CIA and the Mossad Behind These stand Organisations ....

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Libya-reflections ....

Now some nights the Egyptian air force bombards positions Isis in Libya, raiding in Derna, with dozens of deaths and an unknown number of wounded, according to Egyptian media mentioning Libyan official sources. Raids, which also hit the Sharia Court established by jihadists, also attended Libyan aircraft. The raids on Libya, are part of the right to self-defense of Egypt to protect our children, said Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shouky to Al Arabiya television, while the Egyptian president to Sisi has appealed to the Security Council of ' because UN adopts a resolution for international intervention in Libya.

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the absurd thought of Hegel come true. (video)

the videos we have posted are recommended for adults in the hope that in front of such horror or ostentatiously armed, think of how it would be better is more useful to raise a thought of mercy for the many victims and mourn the many armed, hoping that this will not ever happen in our country
As in the distant past, our grandfathers and or our fathers remind happened.

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Social synthesis of a strange country ...

Is not this strange country called Italy, where the ruler was not elected by anyone but imposed by Mr President of the "republic". Mah ???.
We are living in a strange country, after all, do not forget, is the country of the 'hero of the Risorgimento "Amateur Sciesa" that going to the scaffold said "Tiremm innanz!" (Come on!), But until this "flock" ( ordinary citizens) will be able to endure, the Lombard "tirà innanz" ... or the most common Neapolitan "Avimmo tirà to Campa" mah ... ???.