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The two St. John - solstice

The relationship ... between Saint John and Freemasonry, at least: the parentage of this by the fraternities of medieval builders - in turn derived from the collegiate middle and late Empire, may be adequate clarification of the choice that brought Freemasonry to configure Lodges of the first three degrees such as "Lodges of St. John." or the relationship between St. John's and Freemasonry, at least: the parentage of this by the fraternities of medieval builders - in turn derived from the collegiate middle and late Empire, may be adequate clarification of the choice that brought Freemasonry to configure Lodges of the first three degrees such as "Lodges of St. John." -

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Iraq-terror and death for religion-or oil??

How to Syria in 2012-2013, the board is once again set, with a regional Middle East conflict, this time in Iraq, once a U.S. puppet, but now being the 'Iraq has become antithetical Saudi Arabia, and the United U.S., Obama has had to refuse the aid requested by the Iraqi government, and the request to Putin has found immediate support, this means that we have created an additional problem yet another pretext degenerative the underground conflict Russia and the United States. One thing is certain: as the U.S. (and Saudi Arabia and Qatar) is pushing for the ouster of al-Maliki, Russia will become with its offers of support and bilateral cooperation, louder and louder in the area. We can assert that it is a further setback for the U.S., modeled on that soon in Syria.

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Reflections on the Gods

From 10,000 BC history is full of graffiti or writings that represent the respect and adoration towards the sun To the ancients the sun must have seemed tangible proof of the existence of a deity, the Sun was indeed seem like a divinity itself , located in the distance, looking at men, could not be looked at directly and was clearly something superior and powerful. Every day the sun rises, brings light and heat saving man from the cold, the darkness and the nocturnal predators in the dark of night, that is life giving.

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Gurdjieff-between dance and religious traditions ...

The teaching of Gurdjieff defies any attempt at reconstruction brings together spirituality, philosophy, cosmology, and a complex model of the human person tying them into a unified system. The "Work" of Gurdjieff is addressed to the personal development, social transformation, and ultimately a transformation on a cosmic scale ...

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-a history that few know ..... but that should ......

L 'amiraglio Galeazzo, as Chief of Staff in force at the command of the German Navy and the Commander of the Naval Forces Superior Italian. in 1962 in Germany, constitute a special group of observers with the task of infiltrating the various subversive organizations, this group made up of specialists from the Italian and the German Navy, from places outside the actual role or placed on leave in confidence recalled, the agents operating outside the ministerial directives, a kind of small SIOS risservata, mail directly to him, your pool with the reforms of 1977 was virtually dissolved ....

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Nazis and Freemasonry

When the Nazis came to power, policy towards the Freemasons was equivocal. Efforts to eliminate the Freemason did not receive the highest priority. Those who adopted lodges tolerance and equality and had international connections or connections through their heads the Social Democrats or the Liberal Democrats have been subject to persecution and often pressures dissolution "voluntary." A few German lodges conservatives who were willing to accommodate themselves to the scheme were able to continue some form of existence for just a little 'more. However, the scheme was intended to exclude those who refused to abandon their Masonic connections.

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Internet: a trap ...??

Facebook, twitter and instagram are born with the aim to encourage socialization, sharing special moments, thoughts, photos own and others, quotations from books, songs, movies, games, articles, links, videos, events and much more that we would probably still escapes. The result is a compromise between intimacy and exposure, a mixture of authenticity and grimaces, a fight between exhibitionism and to defend privacy and spam to defend themselves.

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China-Putin-Xi Jinping and ...

The United States are about to lose their primacy and are preparing to deliver to China before the scepter of the world economy. An overtaking that of China, which takes place much earlier than expected 2019, possibly as early as 2014, according to the Financial Times.

Italy is in 11th place is what emerges, according to the Financial Times, a study by the International Comparison Program (ICP) of the World Bank, updated for the first time since 2005. U.S. would lose that hold the top spot since 1872 when they had surpassed Britain, now dropped to ninth place. India ranks third, while Italy is the 11th in front of and behind Mexico to Indonesia

CHINA and ITALY '. For the adviser for the internationalization of the ministry, "China is a priority for Italy. Therefore, we must have more to China. We must recover the huge delay between Italy and China, especially on the subject of mutual investments. Over the past fifteen years, China has been the biggest attractor of capital, but in recent years it is also becoming a major exporter of investment, with a strong mass of wealth which is devoted to increasing productive investment, and not just financial. " There are currently almost 100, states Invitalia, Italian companies subsidiaries or affiliates Chinese capital, with a turnover of approximately € 2.5 billion and 5,000 employees

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Two serious geo-political issues-just to see ....

Russia has restored military exercises involving assault forces can be used for a military attack in neighboring countries, such as Moldova and Ukraine. Just the Ukraine, more than Moldova, seems to be the real target of the military pressure on Putin in Transnistria, especially after that, in the regions of the Russian-speaking east of the country-but not russofile-hand pieces of separatists, who according to well-informed sources have been trained and fed from Moscow ....

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How do Banke ... (video)

This video will explain how to operate the banke