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Curzio Suckert or Curzio Malaparte-

Theorizing with Leo Longanesi and Mino Maccari movement "Strapaese" (but at the same time, theorizing with Massimo Bontempelli its opposite, that is, the movement "Stracittà"), Malaparte was one of the "ideologues" of fascism popular, as it had been at the Gentile philosophy, in particular the so-called "left-wing fascism" with revolutionary aspirations.

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Recalling the "deserved" the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obama

... "For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Weighed in favor of the choice of Obama appeals for the reduction of nuclear arsenals and its commitment to global peace ...

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Obama-and South-America disobedient

At a time when Europe prefers to agree with the economic empire and Anglo-American military and then to die rather than participate in the politics of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), but also South America decides to give him some lessons in economic polica "useful" to both the USA and the EU.

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the colère here prévaut dans le monde

The chaos règne et s'étend, Dirigeants Enragés mutandis que les États-Unis des de l'Europe et de leurs clients alliés poursuivent et des guerres génocidaires.
Des de guerres Mercenaires en Syrie, les bombardements terroristes d'Israël à Gaza, des guerres par procuration en Ukraine, au Pakistan, en Irak, Afghanistan en, en Libye et en Somalie.
Dizaines Des millions de de de réfugiés fuient des scènes total destruction. Plus rien n'est sacre. The n'y a pas de Sanctuaries. Maisons, écoles, Hôpitaux et familles entières cibles sont pour la destruction.

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Israel-The war of deception

It started as a premeditated war: it could have been avoided if the past few months Israel had adopted a different policy. It has evolved into an unnecessary war. It's already pretty obvious that will not bring any long-term outcome. It is still possible that degenerate into a disaster, and in the end turn out to be was a war of deceit: Israel has tricked up to ruin.

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Nouvelles d'Israël (French-Italian) vidéo the sionisme

Mais l'armée d'Israël veulent vraiment cette guerre de massacre? ce n'est pas un génocide you?

But the army of Israel really want this war of massacre? if not genocide?

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Israel wants to destroy the people of Gaza

.There ... Another reason for the Israeli war against Gaza. Netanyahu, which fears the outbreak of an intifada that would unite the Palestinians, would threaten the Palestinian Authority (PA) and slow down the construction of illegal settlements, hoping that the attack on Gaza annihilate the feeling of unity that slowly but surely being revived among the Palestinians in Palestine and the Palestinian citizens of Israel. ...

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Jonah, a prophet of everyone- (video)

.Continuano ... The threats of the leaders of the newborn Islamic State of Levante (Isis). also threatens Rome regarded as the center of Christianity and therefore of infidels, falls within the mirinodella madness of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the caliph of the Islamic State created in eastern Syria and Iraq ... in the West.

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Reflection on War and rivoluzioni-

Impotence ... But when you're at a certain point, impotence which is never to be considered definitive, does not remove the remain true to yourself, or justify the capitulation of the enemy, regardless of the form it takes. And whatever name it friezes: fascism, Nazism, Communism, Islam democracy or dictatorship, the main enemy is the administrative apparatus, bureaucratic and political as well as police and military; not what we were facing, and that is our enemy just as it is of our brethren, but what you say our defense and make us his slaves. ...

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Gaza-Palestine and international humanitarian law ... (video)

What rights does the occupying power has on property and natural resources in the occupied territories?
private property private property can not be confiscated by the occupier.
The food and medical supplies may be requisitioned for the exclusive use of the occupation forces and administration personnel themselves (ie not for export outside of the occupied territory and not for the benefit of anyone beyond the staff that occupy only if necessary for the good of the population under occupation itself) and only if they have been taken into consideration the needs of the civilian population (GC IV, art. 55).