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Aleppo, a pastor tells ... -Video interview with Assad-and more ...

With its mosaic of cultures and religions, Aleppo has always been a city model of coexistence between Christians and Muslims "tells Father Rodrigo, and" the war came suddenly, against people who would never expect such a reaction of facing an artificial conflict ". Intrigues us this last statement. "The Syrian people," says the priest, "has never asked for a change, neither political nor cultural. Never. People were good as he was. " "This is not to canonize Assad," he continues, "but I want to say that the conflict was the result of an extremely fast and violent. Among the fighters of the army free, in fact, only 2% are Syrian. The majority are foreigners, of 83 different nationalities. "

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Greece-Ukraine Cuba y el pensamiento de ....

A posible escenario, acaso el más indeseable para las dos partes es la salida de Greece of the monetary system of the euro. No necesaria de la Unión Europea de como large acuerdo de libre tránsito Mercancías, capitales y personas

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Claim by a President ...

Omar al-Bashir said that the CIA and Mossad of Israel ....
I said the CIA and the Mossad Behind These stand Organisations ....

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the absurd thought of Hegel come true. (video)

the videos we have posted are recommended for adults in the hope that in front of such horror or ostentatiously armed, think of how it would be better is more useful to raise a thought of mercy for the many victims and mourn the many armed, hoping that this will not ever happen in our country
As in the distant past, our grandfathers and or our fathers remind happened.

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Giulietto Church: risk large-scale conflict in Europe

Video-L'opinione Giulietto Church

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Social synthesis of a strange country ...

Is not this strange country called Italy, where the ruler was not elected by anyone but imposed by Mr President of the "republic". Mah ???.
We are living in a strange country, after all, do not forget, is the country of the 'hero of the Risorgimento "Amateur Sciesa" that going to the scaffold said "Tiremm innanz!" (Come on!), But until this "flock" ( ordinary citizens) will be able to endure, the Lombard "tirà innanz" ... or the most common Neapolitan "Avimmo tirà to Campa" mah ... ???.

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religions and political ideals

Switching from one religion to another makes sense for the interiority of the subject, the "faithful", but nothing changes in the facts if religion and wants to be a spiritual goal; everything changes instead, prostituendone the foundational concept, if and when religion, as it is under the eyes of history and news, it turns into an artificial state, into a means of military conquest, colonialism proselytizing, of judicial harassment

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Judicial errors

Precautionary arrests followed by full acquittals, convictions and mistaken identity, malfunction of the bureaucracy. The cases of miscarriages of justice have been numerous and unfortunately often have in common the rage of the accuser, and despite glaring evidence of innocence, involving citizens (people) well-known people and not that judges "distracted" create a heavy toll, leaving open a reflection on our justice system.

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Standard & Poor's-

taking the piss ... .L'agenzia is suspected of having inflated the creditworthiness of bank bonds and ABS backed by subprime mortgages before the outbreak of the housing bubble that swept across the world finance. For that disaster for which many Italian investors have shed tears and blood from 650 billion after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the US bank, saved by the state, were fined $ 56 billion (only Bank of America paid last year 17 billion). But in financial circles it is said that, despite this, the nache we have won anyway.

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Just to groped to understand but ... ..

Al-Jazeera pays more attention to North African countries. An Israeli TV had identified, before their arrest, the perpetrators of the massacre of Charlie Hebdo which Franco-Algerian (?). View from Beijing, Europe is a peninsula of the Asian continent. Alstom has lost all ability to participate in the construction of the TGV linking Brest to Shanghai in 48 hours, since France can not honor their contracts. Finally, not only the Ukrainian crisis has distracted Russia from Syria, staying true to its commitments, but on the contrary will help to strengthen the government in Damascus.