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A new liberalism ...

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the commercial free-trade agreement to be concluded between the United Unitie the European Union. The treaty has yet been negotiated in secret between the European Commission and the Ministry of Commerce of the United States and therefore we do not know the exact content, but some indiscretion was leaked. A similar agreement (Ceta) has already been signed between Canada and the EU, while it is being drawn up an agreement between 50 states (Tisa) that will lead to the deregulation of financial services, allowing businesses of unrestricted access to personal data of internet users.

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Jason and the Argonauts

The company of the Argonauts is one of the most fascinating greek myth. The theme of travel and adventure on the ship Argo in many places is intertwined with that of mysterious love story between Jason and Medea: gods and heroes, but also a girl with extraordinary magical powers, acting on a background remote wilderness including deadly traps, monsters and marvels.

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ISIS Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds

An analyst says the terrorist group Takfiri ISIL Has used US-made chemical weapons in a series of chemical attacks across Syria. Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, tale in an interview with Press TV That the chemical weapons being used by the ISIL "are made in the US-owned labs outside-These chemical and biological weapons are then shipped and moved by the CIA -run Through Their regional networks allied countries into Syria, Duff said. He strongly Criticized the Western Government For Their "desperate silence" over the issue, saying they have "done nothing" to stop These shipments.

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The Arabie Saoudite - une wars économique

The Arabie saoudite to each déclenché wars économique contre certains Producers' de pétrole. Derrière cette stratégie if the cache véritable objectif de la maison des Saoud. Mais est-ce que cela va fonctionner?

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Ebola-punishment or a trial?

Why a military coalition against the Ebola virus? A doubt arises because the United States in the lead then I intend to send the English and the French Army to fight the spread of evil instead of doctors nurses chemists or bacteriologists, it would be more logical, but the soldiers ??? (At least we hope they are vacinati because if not, it would be absurd send their armies to become infected and die).

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Political satire-Freedom of the Press-video

This political satire of the highest quality, thoroughly entertaining and hard hitting at the same time! Kudos to the team responsible for this. VIDEO

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Some countries reject the hegemony of the US

"The Secretary of State John Kerry told the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India's refusal to sign the comprehensive trade agreement sends the wrong message, and urged New Delhi to work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Failure to sign the agreement to facilitate trade sends a signal confusion and undermines the very image of the Premier Profiles tried to send India "

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Putin Napoleon a commercial ???

TThe international situation as far as we know sees Russia to strengthen its political and economic alliances at the expense of Europe more and more confused and weak in its relationship with the United States, and the States themselves become more vulnerable in the advanced commercial strateggica Putin and the countries of BRICS ....

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US-EU-Russia and China ...

Europe-made or better in line with the United States to the question "officially Ukraine" but ...... !? puts an embargo on exports to Russia this is in retaliation imposes similar embargo of its products allaUE and the US, so first and foremost the most important problem for the EU is the gas that Russia instead of the EU will give to China (which winter we reserve this embargo will be discovered apart from heavy losses already suffered by Italian exports)

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Curtius Curtius Suckert or Malaparte-

Theorizing with Leo Longanesi and Mino Maccari movement "Strapaese" (but at the same time, theorizing with Massimo Bontempelli its opposite, that is, the movement "Stracittà"), Malaparte was one of the "ideologues" of fascism popular, as it had been at the Gentile philosophy, in particular the so-called "left-wing fascism" with revolutionary aspirations.